Great Depression Cooking

Great Depression Cooking with Clara is the popular online cooking show created by Christopher Cannucciari and starring the 94 year old cook, Clara. In each episode Clara prepares recipes that her mother made during the Great Depression.

Clara shares her stories and wisdom from the Depression as she shows you how to make simple, inexpensive and delicious meals.

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With over 2 million views, national news coverage and a continuously growing fan base, Clara's online cooking show has become quite a success. You can see why by watching some of her episodes for free on her youtube page.

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If you can’t get enough or if you want to watch Clara at home on your television set, don’t worry, you can own all of her online episodes, plus over a half hour of new footage on her DVD, for sale here.

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Just Released!!!

Clara’s Kitchen: Wisdom, Memories and Recipes from the Great Depression

By popular demand, Clara’s Great Depression recipes have been archived by Clara and Christopher in this one of a kind cook book, published by St Martin’s Press. The book is now available in stores everywhere and can also be purchased here: Clara's Kitchen.