The                        Series

Nearly two years ago I filmed the first episode of what was to become “Great Depression Cooking with Clara”. At the time the episode was intended to help me remember how my Grandmother created the meals I had enjoyed eating over the years. I wasn’t sure if I could capture the magic of her storytelling and the details of the cooking at the same time (there are no second takes with Clara, if she did it once she doesn’t feel the need to do it again). 

When I began editing I found that Clara’s exuberance and wit continued to shine. I put a little extra polish on her authentic personality and the episodes retained a feeling of a laid back afternoon in your favorite relative’s kitchen. I hope you enjoy watching Clara as much as I have enjoyed bringing her to you.

-Christopher Cannucciari 1/28/09

Great Depression Cooking Episode 5: Cooked Bread

Clara makes her simplest and cheapest meal with a new story

Great Depression Cooking: Season II

Clara has decided to continue the series with a set of new meals

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