Clara hopes that none of us ever have to experience what she did during the depression.

Over the years Clara has imparted her Great Depression experiences to her grandchildren as she cooked meals from the era. The meals were simple and delicious, the stories were a mixture of misfortune and comedy, and in the end Clara kept us both entertained and stuffed to the gills.

The magic of Clara is that she can turn lemons into lemonade and potatoes into just about everything else. She had a childhood that most of us can’t imagine, but she was able to make the best of it and turn those trials into lessons we can all learn from.


-Born August 18, 1915 Chicago, Illinois

-First generation America

-Daughter of Joe and Josephine Bonfanti (from Sicily)

-1 brother, Sam

-Attended Maywood High School (Chicago)

-Quit after Sophomore year to work in a factory

Depression Era

-Worked for Hostess filling Twinkies (@1935)

-Secretarial work for Richardson Factory


-Married Dino Cannucciari (opera singer) in Rome, Italy 1948

-Had 1 son, Carl, 1950

-Has 4 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren

Currently lives in New York State’s Finger Lake region

Growing up during the Great Depression

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